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There is a Tommy's clinic at St Mary's Hospital in Manchester that specialises in clinical research into stillbirth, to gain a progressively greater understanding of its causes and how it can be prevented.

We wholeheartedly support this work. It is close to our hearts, the clinic itself has been of great help to us personally, and it leads the way in this vital and chronically under-funded field of research.

So, at the end of each financial year we donate £5 from each booth booking directly to Tommy's. There are no intermediaries, we do not (and will never) deduct any admin costs - we simply donate the total to the charity and it is used in their Manchester clinic. 

For that, for all your bookings, for all those hundreds of hilarious hours striking ridiculous poses in the booth and for all those tens of thousands of priceless photographs, we thank you.

You're great.

Lee, Thom, Vic, Anna, Tom, Dan + Tim

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