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What's the job?

You will be invoicing us for casual work taking out one of our beautiful vintage photobooths. 

It's largely Fri-Sun. Afternoons to late nights. 

You'll mainly be going to weddings, but also corporate events, birthday parties etc. You'll collect one of our vans in Nottingham, drive to the booking, unload and build the photobooth, ensure it runs smoothly, deal with queries from the guests and at the end pack down, re-pack the van and drive it back to us. 

Our bookings are generally seasonal - we're at our busiest between March and October, and again in December. But we do have bookings all year round.

Reliability is key. Key key key. That really is our main requirement in many ways. A no-show on someone's wedding day = a hells-no.

Our reputation is everything. It is fun work. 


What skills will you need?

You'll need to be reasonably fit to carry the kit. It's not super heavy but heavy enough to require two-handed lifts. 

You'll be setting up a camera, printer, lighting and a computer. Having experience of Mac and PC will help. A familiarity with cameras and studio lighting would certainly be a bonus, but not essential.

Your own transport - just for getting to here in Burton Joyce. Public transport to here is not great, especially not considering when you'll likely be returning with the van, so - you're going to need a car to get here and back.


Our Equality Policy

It doesn't matter to us one jot what age, gender, race, sexual orientation you are, whether you have a religion or none, or whether you are differently-abled to the next applicant; please apply

In the interests of full disclosure; 

1. The physical aspect.
One essential aspect of the work entails moving some heavy kit, and the booth stands about 6' 6" tall, and needs putting together. It therefore does entail some physical exertion, and require you to be able to reach it safely to build & dismantle. Secondly, you'll need to be able to build and operate the equipment in low-light situations. Provided you're able to do this, we want to hear from you. 

2. The sober aspect.
At the events there will more often than not be people having a great time - with the aid of alcohol. Sometimes it can feel like you're the only sober person in the room, which can take a bit of getting used to. If you're going to have more serious issues working around alcohol, be it cultural or otherwise - this may not be a sensible role to take on. Sober events are rare in this line of work.

3. The equality aspect.
We love all weddings. What we love most of ALL is that every person is free to marry the one they love. We believe equal marriage is a brilliant and beautiful thing, and as a representative of Vintagebooth you will be at celebrations of guys marrying guys and women marrying women. We share that jubilation; if you don't, this may not be the right application for you to make. We're justly proud of our reputation for being a forward thinking company who celebrate diversity and our people really embody that too. 

What does it pay?

We ask you to invoice us £12.50/hr.

You'll be paid from when you collect the van, to when you drop it back.

(We would expect you to be registered as self-employed.) 


You will need:

  • To be reliable. 
  • To be self-employed. You'll be invoicing us for each job.
  • Have a full, clean driving licence (and most likely, a car).  
  • To be a confident driver. 
  • Computer literate. 
  • To be super reliable.
  • A basic familiarity with cameras.  
  • To carry some reasonably heavy equipment, though we make all efforts to make things as easy as possible.
  • To be grade-A reliable.
  • To be happy and jovial dealing with the public. Part of the party, but not overstepping the line.
  • Calm under pressure. If the printer jams and you have 40 merry people offering their 'opinions' on what to do and how to fix it, you need to be able to calmly take control of the situation, following your training to fix the problem.
    All the while with the DJ booming away. Not a panicker...
  • To enjoy the party. We're bringing the fun remember?
  • TO BE RELIABLE. It's no accident we mention this over and over. Weddings are events that are so important, and unrepeatable, that getting the booth there is an absolute must. 

Geographic spread of our bookings in the 2014-15 financial year. 

Why are you hiring?

We're expanding, building more booths and we want a larger pool of people trained to take them out. People can't get enough!

Interested? Great!

We'd love to hear from you. Either fill in the form below or drop us an email.
We're people-focussed so don't hold back on telling us about yourself, what you do, what you love. There are no wrong answers!


Apply by form

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Bearing in mind a 'normal' booking might be collecting the van early afternoon and returning late at night.

Apply by email

Alternatively you can email us at

Please use the Subject line "Work" so we can see it - we don't want yours to get lost.

We’re going to do our best to get back to everyone, either way. Looking forward to hearing from you!
— Lee, Thom, Vic, Dan + Anna
(Thank you  @darbyandjoanvin  +  @bestdayeveruk !)