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How much is it?

The booth is £495 for 3hrs. The props are £50.
We're based in Notts, and the first 60 miles of a round trip are free,
but we like travelling and it's only 45p/mile beyond there.

Get in touch for availability and to book.

Can we have it without the curtains?

Yes, you can have the booth 'naked' if you prefer.

People do tend to feel they can mess around a lot more when they've pulled the curtain on themselves - but you may want the camera and jollity on display for all to see.

Here it with, and without the curtains:

Can we bring some props too?

Of course! We'll know what we brought so we'll leave yours aside at the end. 

Does it print double prints?

As standard the booths print unlimited, single prints. Rather than unlimited double prints we strongly recommend we instead put a sign up reading 'take one for yourself and one for the guestbook'. The problem with unlimited double prints being that you quickly become swamped duplicates of all the photographs in which someone has blinked, another person wasn't looking. People don't want to take these ones, or leave the other one in a guestbook, so they all become surplus. 

All that said, the booths can of course print double copies if you wish, for which we charge an extra £50. 

How far do you travel?

We'll go anywhere in the UK. Delivery is free for the first 60 miles of a round trip, and then 45p/mile. Crossing seas is a slightly different matter, since it is too big for air travel, but there is nothing to stop us bringing it to Ireland or France provided ferry and accommodation were covered.

Do you provide a guestbook?

We don't, but encourage you to pop down to Paperchase or John Lewis and pick one up if you'd like your guests to stick their photos in and leave you a little message.

How much space does the booth need?

If you're having the normal, curtained booth we ideally need about 8ft square. It can though be made to squeeze into a smaller space if required.

How do you get our digital copies to us?

You get the digital copies on an engraved wooden USB. We will leave it at the end of the event with your cards/presents or handed to you personally.

USB for vintage photobooth images

Can it go outside?

It's electrical, so it will need to be safe from the elements. 

If you just mean can it go in a marquee or a tipi in a field - yes of course, and it frequently is. 

Could it be exposed outside....? It'd need to have some wet-weather contingency plan in place, e.g. an awning or something providing some shelter. But, there's no reason it can't go under a log-store, or in a summerhouse or shack for instance (see below). 

Do you have a PAT certificate and PLI?

Of course, we can provide you/your venue/planner with a current PAT certificate and Public Liability Insurance certificate. 

Do you need power?

Yes, we require a standard UK plug socket. We do bring extension cables, but prefer not to have to trail these too far for obvious H&S considerations.

Do we have to have it set up as in the photos?

We pride ourselves on having a much more flexible booth than most, so please do get in touch to discuss a 'non-standard' set up and we will do all we can to work around your theme and requirements.


A common request is to have the booth set up without the curtains, to allow for you to provide a backdrop yourselves. For instance, a 'sponsor board'. This is fine - if you're providing a backdrop yourselves, go for a matte material to avoid reflections. This is why curtains/fabric works so well.

We bring a table for the booth to sit on, but there's no reason why we can't use a table at the venue if you've found a particularly lovely mahogany one you want to use instead. Or you might want it sat on top of some hay bales instead. Just get in touch, we like the fact we're usually able to say 'yes' where others can't.

What's in the crate of props?

This is one thing that is ever-changing. Drinks & fun props mean things don't always make it back to the crate at the end of the night. We keep a good supply of good quality props. We pride ourselves in not turning up with a selection of inflatable guitars and plastic props from the pound shop, but rather a mixture of finds from vintage shops. By their nature, we can't guarantee what will be in the crate at any particular event, but they will be good, vintage props.

There are usually some tennis rackets, hand puppets, hats, wigs, guns, glasses and a whole selection of more unique items that we found and thought 'that'd be fun'. We have never brought a riding crop back from an outing, they are one thing that always seem to go missing.

What do the photos print out like?

They print out like so. A nice big 6"x4" high quality print with a small white border. You can have it print in B&W or colour. B&W, we think, looks a little more vintage, but our colour is also beautiful and slightly desaturated. 

There's no nasty branding on it - but we can add text or your logo if you'd prefer. In fact, we can be entirely creative with the prints and what goes on on, around, over them (such are the joys of not using off-the-shelf software). So if you're corporate and have specific requirements, get in touch

(Thank you  @mahoosivedan )

(Thank you @mahoosivedan)

And above is what it looks like with no curtains, 'naked'. This was in the Gillyflower at Elmore Court, where they have particularly lovely packed-earth walls.

This is what mean by our nice + desaturated colour images. 'DeSat'?  

This is what mean by our nice + desaturated colour images. 'DeSat'?  

But how does it work?


Can we have the booth for more than 3hrs?

Of course you can, we charge £50/hr for additional hours.

Can you come and set up early?

Yes we can. Our normal operation is to arrive and set up 2hrs before you require the booth running. Set-up itself takes somewhere around an hour, but we like a contingency for difficult unloading / unanticipated problems on arrival. 

So, if you'd like the booth running between 7-10pm, we would arrive to build it at 5pm.

If that doesn't suit, and you need it to be built by 3pm but switched on at 7pm, we would need to charge 4 x £20 for the 4 hours it is sat idle.

Do you charge extra for central London?

No, just the normal mileage.

Why and how do you fund Tommy's?

Since the issue is so close to our hearts, we give £5 from each and every booking to Tommy's, and specifically to Dr Alexander Heazell's research at St Mary's Hospital in Manchester, on furthering our understanding of stillbirth and how to prevent it.

The clinic specialises in

  • understanding the causes of stillbirth and developing new diagnostic tools
  • preventing stillbirths by identifying babies at risk
  • developing new national guidelines for health professionals

We will donate annually, £5 for each booking that year. Donated directly, there are no intermediaries and no admin costs deducted. 

tommy's funding research saving babies lives

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