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As standard, we arrive approx. 2hrs prior to your booking time.
So, if you've booked the booth for 7-10pm, we'd arrive around 5pm. (For early set-up, see below).
Set-up usually takes approximately 1hr 15mins, but we like to allow a buffer for difficult unloads, etc.
(If you venue/planner asks for our Insurance + PAT certificates, they can be found here:

Running time

If you haven't already, please let us know now when you would like the booth running. // 0115 727 0425.

Early set-up

Perhaps we have already arranged early set-up, in which case please refer to our email/telephone conversation rather than the above.

If you would like to book an early set-up, it is not too late - just let us know; // 0115 727 0425

Early set-up is chargeable at £20/hr for the idle hours.

Say you are having the booth running 7-10pm. We would normally arrive at 5pm to set-up ready for 7pm.
Instead, you would like the booth set up and left by 3pm, then switched on at 7pm.
We can instead arrive at 1pm, to set up the booth by 3pm. 
It then sits 'idle' until 7pm - that's 4hrs idle time.

This would = 4 x £20. 

Your attendant

Your attendant will be either Thom, Vic, Dan, Anna, Tim, Tom or Lee. We are there to ensure the booth runs smoothly over the course of the booking. One of the greatest strengths of our booth (aside from its looks..!) is that it is self-operated - your guests are in it on their own, free to lark around without feeling they are being watched, and they press the button when they are ready.

To facilitate this experience of it being their own special, private thing, we will be behind the booth, keeping an eye on the operation of the printer, to check paper levels and ensure there are no printer jams. If you need us at any time, please find us behind the booth and we will be delighted to help.

Contrary to popular opinion we don't have a live view of the camera, so we're not watching what you're up to in there. If someone has knocked the table off centre when they were leaving the booth, you may be the first to notice when your next print drops out - just let us know and we'll rectify it straight away so you're all straightened up and ready to roll.

Drinks and the booth

We can't allow drinks into the booth unfortunately - spilled drinks do not agree with the safe operation of a camera and/or printer(!). Unfortunately, no matter what, we can't always stop them going in (though we do regularly pass by to relocate any drinks from inside the booth). 

If a drink is spilled on the booth, then best case scenario: it looks messy. The table cloth is swathed in red wine.

Worse case scenario: it's gone into the printer, in which case it's unlikely to be fixable on site. The booking therefore has to come to an end.

This eventuality is thankfully very rare, but we do feel the need to make people aware of the possibility. We're not being killjoys; drinks and the booth just really do not mix well. Have as many as you like outside the booth, just none inside please. Hope you understand! Thank you!

Drinks and your attendant

We hoped we wouldn't need to mention this...!

We know that your event is going to be a lively, fun and excitable affair - we want nothing less! Merry guests = our best guests, and we want everyone to have the best night (and tell all of their friends that they need us at their next party!). This all goes without saying.

In the vast majority of bookings, there are absolutely no issues and we hoped it was too obvious to have to state, but over time experience has unfortunately necessitated we make expressly clear that verbal or physical aggression towards our attendant isn't cool. All of our attendants have been told that there is a zero-tolerance policy on aggression towards them and they have been instructed to close the booth, pack down and leave should they feel threatened.

We understand that the booth is hugely entertaining, and that it is can be hugely disappointing when a good thing has to come to an end. Think how we all felt when Take That broke up; devastation. But, we had to remember the great times and battle on. It is thus with the booth end-time. We do need to close the booth at the end of the booked time, and we ask that your guests respect both that closing time, and us. 

We've never had to close the booth early because of aggressive behaviour, despite doing this since 2012, and we do not want to. We do need to reserve the right to do so should we need to though. Everyone's done things they regret when drunk, we just want that to be a guest doing their best Billy Squiers across the dance floor, rather than bringing everyone else's fun with the booth to an inglorious end!

We are really looking forward to your booking - if the above leaves any queries unanswered, please get in touch using the methods below. Any questions on the night - just look for us behind the booth. Thanks for reading and see you very soon!

Lee, Thom + the team x