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Our safety certificates

We may not have met yet, but we'd like to reassure you we are super safety-conscious.
Our clients enjoyment is of critical importance to us - the only tears we want are of laughter. To this end, please find our safety documentation.

Our contact details

Thom Hollands  //  0115 727 0425

On the day it may be Thom, Vic, Tom, Tim, Anna or Dan who brings the booth to the venue. However, any queries prior to the day are best directed to Thom on

What happens on the day?

  • Arrive: 2hrs before.

  • Space required: 8' (2.5m) x 6' (1.8m).

  • Power socket required nearby.

  • Our biggest issue is unloading, if you are city centre and have a loading bay, we would kindly ask if we could use it whilst unloading, and if it has a different postcode/address.
    We can park elsewhere once unloaded.

  • More Q's? FAQs here.

Unless otherwise agreed with the client, our normal procedure is to arrive approximately 2hrs before the client would like the photobooth running, to begin unloading and set-up. It doesn't always take that long, but we like to allow for stairs, difficult unloads, etc.

In terms of space required, we'll need approximately 8' (2.5m) x 6' (1.8m) and a ceiling height of at least 6' 6". We'll need a power socket somewhere quite nearby (we have long extension leads, but we don't really like to trail them too far due to the trip hazard). 

We may have been told specifically where the booth is required, but will ask for a member of staff on arrival to check in any case.

If you have lots of questions, you may want to check the FAQs

Referral/affiliate programme?  //  0115 727 0425

We don't have anything official in place, but if you'd think you can send regular bookings our way then we are more than happy to talk about how we can best say thank you!