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Booth Outing

Thrumpton Hall Open Day

This is home turf for the booth - and what turf... If you haven't been to Thrumpton Hall before then you really ought to check it out. The booth lives just down the lane, at Lee Garland's studio. Everyone is so lovely - from the Hall's owner Miranda Seymour, and all the events team; Lynn, Paula, JC, Josephine, Holly, Mark, Barry and co - plus, for the Open Days they hook up with Abbi & Lydia from Save the Date, which means double awesomeness. Thrumpton Hall Thrumpton Hall

Did we mention it's rather pretty? See here in Feb, and here last year.

There was much interest in the booth today, as always. We've had to turn down quite a few couples over the past few weeks, because the booth is already booked up. If you're interested - and you should be..! - then we really would encourage you to book as early as possible. Drop us a line and we can check your date. The only chance we got to take a photo of course, was on the rare occassion we weren't busy..!

photo 2

It will be worth watching this space too if we are booked on your date - because there are going to be plans afoot for a second booth - it hurts too much to turn people away so expansion is the only option. It was great to see so many of our neighbours down at the show too - you should definitely check out our neighbour John who does amazing things with wood - and who we'll most likely be roping in to help us with those expansion plans..

Spot our amazing new neighbours Dave & Emma below too; Dave didn't require a beard on a stick.

A small selection of the beautiful people sitting in the booth today. If you want to tag yourselves on Facebook, then you can here!

ThrumptonHall-1 ThrumptonHall-2 ThrumptonHall-3 ThrumptonHall-4 ThrumptonHall-5 ThrumptonHall-6 ThrumptonHall-7 ThrumptonHall-8 ThrumptonHall-9 ThrumptonHall-10 ThrumptonHall-11 ThrumptonHall-12 ThrumptonHall-13 ThrumptonHall-14 ThrumptonHall-15 ThrumptonHall-16 ThrumptonHall-17 ThrumptonHall-18 ThrumptonHall-19 ThrumptonHall-20 ThrumptonHall-21 ThrumptonHall-22 ThrumptonHall-23

Stef & Alex, Morley Hayes

Stef & Alex had their wedding at Morley Hayes in Derbyshire. We arrived whilst they were having dinner and set up the booth in the back room. Stef had specifically requested the booth 'naked', without it's curtains, because the snug it was being set up in already had some super exposed stone walls. Morley Hayes photobooth -

One arguable benefit of losing the curtains is you minimise the propensity for guests to moon at the camera... The booth's full glory, however, is on display for everyone to see.

This is quite a good example of how flexible we have striven to make the booth. It looks just as great sat on a table, as it does curtained off. There are of course, lots of other possibilities for the booth - the essential elements are the camera, the crate, the light and the button. How you arrange those 4 elements is pretty limitless. You might like it in a library, amongst the bookshelves / you might want it atop hay bales, in a barn / you might want it in a teepee at a festival wedding. You can, within reason, have it pretty much anywhere, so long as we can light people and they can reach the button... So feel free to chat to us about your plans for the booth and we will do our utmost to make it happen.

If you were in Stef & Alex's booth, like The Somebodys from Ear Candy, you can tag to your heart's content on Facebook here.

As always, here are a selection of our favourites from the night.





























Stef & Alex, have a fantastic time in Singapore & Malaysia!

Lianne & Daniel, Scalford Hall

Lianne & Daniel had their wedding at Scalford Hall near Melton Mowbray yesterday, in the most glorious Spring sunshine. They booked the photo booth, and so we travelled across with the windows down & the system up (we didn't have the system up..) from Nottingham and set it up ready for their evening guests. photo booth nottingham hire

Did it go down well? Did it ever...there were queues for it all night long, with guests coming for a well earned rest from dancing the night away to the Richie Muir band.

photo booth nottingham hire

Here is a tiny selection of the images from the night - but if you were in the photo booth last night, or you're just nosey, you might like to head over to Facebook and tag yourself (you could Like us whilst you're there...!):

Lianne & Daniel's photo booth pics on Facebook

Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-2 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-3 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-4 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-5 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-13 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-22 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-31 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-33 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-35 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-36 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-41 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-44 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-47 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-48 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-53 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-57 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-70 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-71 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-90 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-100 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-105 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-106 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-108 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-111 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-120 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-122 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-127 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-132


If this looks like too much fun - that's probably because it is.

Get in touch to get the booth at your event.

Nottingham Wedding Event With A Difference

Lee Garland Wedding Photography and photo booth stand at WEWAD Nottingham The photo booth has literally this very moment returned from another brilliant #WEWAD in Nottingham Conference Centre which, amazingly, seems to get better every time. Thanks to Abbi & Lydia & the wider Save the Date lot for putting on a great show, it was much fun and busy as ever.

The booth was of course in full operation on Lee Garland's stand, and as usual a neat queue formed at its curtained door.

WEWAD Nottingham Save the Date catwalk show

We were delighted to be in the 'Vintage Corner', sandwiched between the stunningly talented and ever lovely Karen from Darby & Joan and Lisa from Paperknots. You should definitely check out both of their work if you haven't already, for it is amazing. You think you've gone and done a pretty stand and then you see Karen's... (Thank you for the latte btw...!)

Also in our little corner was the amazing Rock My Boutique pop-up shop from those trendsetters and general beauty-bringers Charlotte, Adam & Lauren behind Rock My Wedding.

As well as meeting what seemed to be hundreds of lovely wedding couples, it's also fab to catch up with all of our industry friends - Michele Gledhill made the catwalk look magical, with flowers and lanterns galore, thusly...

WEWAD wedding event with a difference nottingham catwalk

Those stunning drapes by the way are by Fabric Theatre; one of those products that's incredibly difficult to do justice on a stand - but look just fantastic when seen in this scale.

Over the other side of the catwalk from us we were able to wave occasionally at Natalie from Yummy Little Cakes; you should have seen the cake she had covered in tiny yellow buttercups. Laura & co from the Lace Market Bridal Boutique and Kula Tsurdiu when she wasn't making their models look pretty pre-catwalk shows. As you can imagine if you've ever walked past their window displays in the Lace Market, their stand looked incredible with all it's lace loveliness. (And if you think their window displays are cool - you need to go upstairs and see the tailoring studios upstairs; vast and exactly what I guess the whole of the Lace Market was like before it all became apartments & ad agencies. The Great British Sewing Bee would die for it as a location).

catwalk show at Nottingham WEWAD Save the Date wedding show

Also over the other side were Rich & Jen from The Wedding Tree, with a load of new lines you'd be remiss not to have nose at. And on the way to the free tea & coffee (alas not for Jo/Joe public...) was the lovely Nicola from Eve Lily and incredibly - an enormous Scaletrix track for hire from The Racing Room.

It was lovely to meet a whole load of new people, as well as old friends Carmen from Carmen Weddings, Val from Benessamy who was also doing a talk in Speakers Corner  and then as an unexpected bonus Marcus Holdsworth dropped by at the end too.

Most importanly of all - there were all the lovely couples and their bridesmaids, Mums, Dads and kids who threw themselves at the photo booth with an enthusiasm that drives us on. Particularly lovely to see familiar faces; couples who have already booked and others who now have dates. And of course we're very much looking forward to seeing those who booked the booth today again at their weddings.

So, here's a taster of what went on in photo booth today:

IMG_0696 IMG_0697 IMG_0712 IMG_0715 IMG_0717 IMG_0718 IMG_0720 IMG_0721 IMG_0700 IMG_0723 IMG_0728 IMG_0732 IMG_0736Favourite photo from the booth today? This cuteness right here: the handsome photo booth at Nottingham WEWAD Wedding Event With a Difference Save the Date

Other things that were learned...

1. If you go into the booth with Charlotte from Rock My Wedding you will be comprehensively out-posed..

Charlotte from Rock My Wedding in the - the handsome photo booth

2. After 3:30? Aforementioned industry friends take over the booth...



IMG_0754 IMG_0748 IMG_0745 IMG_0741


Dodford Manor Bridal Evening

It was the photo booth's first time at Dodford Manor, a beautiful new wedding venue in Northamptonshire. Dodford exceeded expectations by some margin - it's been very well restored indeed. A horseshoe of beautifully restored old dairy barns, with floor to ceiling glass walls for views of the surrounding countryside and lots of the original dairy barn-ness retained. Plus - Serendipity Brides had packed it out. It was standing room only well before the catwalk show began. That's commitment to the dress, especially on a Thurs evening.

If we do say so ourselves, the booth went down a storm, with queues to get in and excited squeals of delight when the resulting vintage pics kept dropping out the side of the apple crate! Some tasters from the evening below. Thank you to Annabelle and all at Dodford Manor for looking after everyone so well - the champagne & cumberland sausages were much appreciated (who needs Bubbledogs, hey?), and your venue is stunning. Lisa & all at Serendipity - a great show, amazing turnout and don't you have lovely brides?? Thank you for inviting us!

We hope to back soon - so.... Dodford brides & grooms; book us! (And other brides & grooms too..!)

Follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.

Dodford Manor Photo Booth Dodford Manor Photo Booth Dodford Manor Photo Booth Dodford Manor Photo Booth Dodford Manor Photo Booth Dodford Manor Photo Booth Dodford Manor Photo Booth

Eleanor & Stephen, Thrumpton Hall

Eleanor & Stephen got married at Thrumpton Hall in Nottingham on Saturday 16th Feb, where they had the Vintagebooth. This was one hell of a good looking wedding (see their wedding photos here) - this couple have taste. Evidenced, if we do say so, not only by their choice of venue, but by a suitably vintage photo booth.. eleanorstephen

Eleanor wanted a Great Expectations vibe - Miss Haversham dress, the most amazing looking wedding breakfast and a deeply literary venue (Thrumpton Hall was previously owned by the Byron family - and is now the country home of the author Miranda Seymour). When it came to evening entertainment, she naturally wanted a suitably vintage photo booth. Incidentally, if you want flowers looking that good, and tablescapes (I know - ridiculous word..) of that grandeur - replete with busts & ivy, antlers & antiques, skulls and taxidermy then you need to get someone like Michele Gledhill in. She's amazeballs.

The booth looked fantastic in the library (Thrumpton's library is untold), and - as always- went down a storm with their guests. Everyone likes a photo booth. Everybody loves

Vintagebooth_Thrumpton Vintagebooth_Thrumpton Vintagebooth_Thrumpton Vintagebooth_Thrumpton 9I3B9452

The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice the booth has grown up. Literally. It's 18 inches taller now - so no need for the 'mind your head' sign any longer. It's also grown out, and is a foot longer - meaning you can get even more of your guests in it at once..

9I3B9461 9I3B9602 9I3B9802 9I3B9803

There were many more pics from the evening, see them on Facebook here (Like the booth whilst you're there!). Here's a tiny selection. Including a topical cow/horse reference.

To get the booth at your wedding, party or event, get in touch.

602126_336393429813658_1259413008_n 18265_336393586480309_949099922_n 551384_336393573146977_2140324529_n 71707_336393683146966_1528402192_n 32630_336394129813588_305851897_n 524964_336394259813575_52969631_n 285638_336394359813565_2129375704_n 538078_336394766480191_1461157027_n 267909_336395306480137_572225837_n 379201_336395519813449_847551266_n


Thanks to Eleanor & Stephen for booking the booth. They also had Lee Garland Wedding Photography do their wedding photos. That gets you a serious booth discount, and means your wedding photos are ace too...

Thanks for reading - get in touch and book the booth!

Designer Vintage Bridal Show

As you will know if you battled through the snow yesterday - Designer Vintage Bridal 2013 was awesome. We had a great time and isn't Birmingham Town Hall stunning? Now that is what I call an organ - and the ceiling...! They seem to have been doing it up for basically ever - but seems it was definitely worth it. photo-1

Neighbours at shows are always important - and luckily we couldn't have been surrounded by a nicer bunch. You must check out Richard & Jen from The Wedding Tree - their stuff is lovely. They do these particularly lovely wedding guest book planks, which are engraved with your initials or - I believe, anything you like. A big slab of oak covered in your guests little messages, for you to pop on the wall after your wedding. They're going to be at the next Save the Date show in April in Nottingham (for which it seems there are currently early bird tickets on sale). Abbi & Lydia of Save the Date put on a great show, the venue is gorgeous and we'll also be there - so, you know; come along.

But back to this show first..!

To the left were Matt & Annabel from Vintage 78 DJs, who are vintage gramophone DJs. That needs saying again really; vintage-gramophone-DJs. That's not a man with iTunes and a laptop- we're talking 22,000 shellac discs, a new needle with each record .. As if that wasn't cool enough, it then transpired that Matt is the 'Matt' of Matt & Phred's! Untold. If you know anything of Manchester, or of jazz, then you'll know to bestow the gentleman with 'nuff respec'. (I certainly tumbled out on to Tib Street many a time from that place - most memorably in 2004(?) after sitting watching Cocorosie and vowing in the taxi back to Chorlton that I was going to learn to beatbox. That particular enthusiasm waned, would you believe). Matt & Annabel got married in the deep end at Victoria Baths recently, in what looks to have been the most amazing wedding. Basically, please book them, please get me to do the photos, please get married at Victoria Baths. Thanks.

Then - on our third side was the wonderful Leanne from Blooming Lovely Films who definitely lived up to the name! Really really lovely work, an irritatingly lovely stand and - she was the only person to have wisely brought a big armchair along... No flies on BLF.

And then of course, there was the photo booth - which everyone loved (I don't think that's an exaggeration?!).


Given the number of pictures it churned out, it was a resounding success! A tiny selection of the 100+ of which are below.

If you would like to book us (you would) for your wedding or event, then just get in touch, we'll check dates and get the Booking Form over to you!








Even the catwalk models got in on the act... fact, they really did..

IMG_0443 IMG_0438 IMG_0442

My favourite of the day however, had to be Matt & Annabel's adorable porcelain dog: