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Nottingham Wedding Event With A Difference

Lee Garland Wedding Photography and photo booth stand at WEWAD Nottingham The photo booth has literally this very moment returned from another brilliant #WEWAD in Nottingham Conference Centre which, amazingly, seems to get better every time. Thanks to Abbi & Lydia & the wider Save the Date lot for putting on a great show, it was much fun and busy as ever.

The booth was of course in full operation on Lee Garland's stand, and as usual a neat queue formed at its curtained door.

WEWAD Nottingham Save the Date catwalk show

We were delighted to be in the 'Vintage Corner', sandwiched between the stunningly talented and ever lovely Karen from Darby & Joan and Lisa from Paperknots. You should definitely check out both of their work if you haven't already, for it is amazing. You think you've gone and done a pretty stand and then you see Karen's... (Thank you for the latte btw...!)

Also in our little corner was the amazing Rock My Boutique pop-up shop from those trendsetters and general beauty-bringers Charlotte, Adam & Lauren behind Rock My Wedding.

As well as meeting what seemed to be hundreds of lovely wedding couples, it's also fab to catch up with all of our industry friends - Michele Gledhill made the catwalk look magical, with flowers and lanterns galore, thusly...

WEWAD wedding event with a difference nottingham catwalk

Those stunning drapes by the way are by Fabric Theatre; one of those products that's incredibly difficult to do justice on a stand - but look just fantastic when seen in this scale.

Over the other side of the catwalk from us we were able to wave occasionally at Natalie from Yummy Little Cakes; you should have seen the cake she had covered in tiny yellow buttercups. Laura & co from the Lace Market Bridal Boutique and Kula Tsurdiu when she wasn't making their models look pretty pre-catwalk shows. As you can imagine if you've ever walked past their window displays in the Lace Market, their stand looked incredible with all it's lace loveliness. (And if you think their window displays are cool - you need to go upstairs and see the tailoring studios upstairs; vast and exactly what I guess the whole of the Lace Market was like before it all became apartments & ad agencies. The Great British Sewing Bee would die for it as a location).

catwalk show at Nottingham WEWAD Save the Date wedding show

Also over the other side were Rich & Jen from The Wedding Tree, with a load of new lines you'd be remiss not to have nose at. And on the way to the free tea & coffee (alas not for Jo/Joe public...) was the lovely Nicola from Eve Lily and incredibly - an enormous Scaletrix track for hire from The Racing Room.

It was lovely to meet a whole load of new people, as well as old friends Carmen from Carmen Weddings, Val from Benessamy who was also doing a talk in Speakers Corner  and then as an unexpected bonus Marcus Holdsworth dropped by at the end too.

Most importanly of all - there were all the lovely couples and their bridesmaids, Mums, Dads and kids who threw themselves at the photo booth with an enthusiasm that drives us on. Particularly lovely to see familiar faces; couples who have already booked and others who now have dates. And of course we're very much looking forward to seeing those who booked the booth today again at their weddings.

So, here's a taster of what went on in photo booth today:

IMG_0696 IMG_0697 IMG_0712 IMG_0715 IMG_0717 IMG_0718 IMG_0720 IMG_0721 IMG_0700 IMG_0723 IMG_0728 IMG_0732 IMG_0736Favourite photo from the booth today? This cuteness right here: the handsome photo booth at Nottingham WEWAD Wedding Event With a Difference Save the Date

Other things that were learned...

1. If you go into the booth with Charlotte from Rock My Wedding you will be comprehensively out-posed..

Charlotte from Rock My Wedding in the - the handsome photo booth

2. After 3:30? Aforementioned industry friends take over the booth...



IMG_0754 IMG_0748 IMG_0745 IMG_0741