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vintage photobooth


We had a great time taking the photo booth to @UKAWP earlier this month at the Living Room. Thanks again to Val of Benessamy for organising and to Mark Pugh for photographing the night so brilliantly. My beard has continued it's relentless march since then, for those keeping tabs.

Plus, always a pleasure to catch up with the Rob & Matt from the Rob Baker Band. Great guys.

Val & Mark have done infinitely superior blog posts here: & here:



Thrumpton Hall Open Day

This is home turf for the booth - and what turf... If you haven't been to Thrumpton Hall before then you really ought to check it out. The booth lives just down the lane, at Lee Garland's studio. Everyone is so lovely - from the Hall's owner Miranda Seymour, and all the events team; Lynn, Paula, JC, Josephine, Holly, Mark, Barry and co - plus, for the Open Days they hook up with Abbi & Lydia from Save the Date, which means double awesomeness. Thrumpton Hall Thrumpton Hall

Did we mention it's rather pretty? See here in Feb, and here last year.

There was much interest in the booth today, as always. We've had to turn down quite a few couples over the past few weeks, because the booth is already booked up. If you're interested - and you should be..! - then we really would encourage you to book as early as possible. Drop us a line and we can check your date. The only chance we got to take a photo of course, was on the rare occassion we weren't busy..!

photo 2

It will be worth watching this space too if we are booked on your date - because there are going to be plans afoot for a second booth - it hurts too much to turn people away so expansion is the only option. It was great to see so many of our neighbours down at the show too - you should definitely check out our neighbour John who does amazing things with wood - and who we'll most likely be roping in to help us with those expansion plans..

Spot our amazing new neighbours Dave & Emma below too; Dave didn't require a beard on a stick.

A small selection of the beautiful people sitting in the booth today. If you want to tag yourselves on Facebook, then you can here!

ThrumptonHall-1 ThrumptonHall-2 ThrumptonHall-3 ThrumptonHall-4 ThrumptonHall-5 ThrumptonHall-6 ThrumptonHall-7 ThrumptonHall-8 ThrumptonHall-9 ThrumptonHall-10 ThrumptonHall-11 ThrumptonHall-12 ThrumptonHall-13 ThrumptonHall-14 ThrumptonHall-15 ThrumptonHall-16 ThrumptonHall-17 ThrumptonHall-18 ThrumptonHall-19 ThrumptonHall-20 ThrumptonHall-21 ThrumptonHall-22 ThrumptonHall-23

Stef & Alex, Morley Hayes

Stef & Alex had their wedding at Morley Hayes in Derbyshire. We arrived whilst they were having dinner and set up the booth in the back room. Stef had specifically requested the booth 'naked', without it's curtains, because the snug it was being set up in already had some super exposed stone walls. Morley Hayes photobooth -

One arguable benefit of losing the curtains is you minimise the propensity for guests to moon at the camera... The booth's full glory, however, is on display for everyone to see.

This is quite a good example of how flexible we have striven to make the booth. It looks just as great sat on a table, as it does curtained off. There are of course, lots of other possibilities for the booth - the essential elements are the camera, the crate, the light and the button. How you arrange those 4 elements is pretty limitless. You might like it in a library, amongst the bookshelves / you might want it atop hay bales, in a barn / you might want it in a teepee at a festival wedding. You can, within reason, have it pretty much anywhere, so long as we can light people and they can reach the button... So feel free to chat to us about your plans for the booth and we will do our utmost to make it happen.

If you were in Stef & Alex's booth, like The Somebodys from Ear Candy, you can tag to your heart's content on Facebook here.

As always, here are a selection of our favourites from the night.





























Stef & Alex, have a fantastic time in Singapore & Malaysia!

Lianne & Daniel, Scalford Hall

Lianne & Daniel had their wedding at Scalford Hall near Melton Mowbray yesterday, in the most glorious Spring sunshine. They booked the photo booth, and so we travelled across with the windows down & the system up (we didn't have the system up..) from Nottingham and set it up ready for their evening guests. photo booth nottingham hire

Did it go down well? Did it ever...there were queues for it all night long, with guests coming for a well earned rest from dancing the night away to the Richie Muir band.

photo booth nottingham hire

Here is a tiny selection of the images from the night - but if you were in the photo booth last night, or you're just nosey, you might like to head over to Facebook and tag yourself (you could Like us whilst you're there...!):

Lianne & Daniel's photo booth pics on Facebook

Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-2 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-3 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-4 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-5 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-13 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-22 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-31 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-33 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-35 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-36 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-41 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-44 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-47 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-48 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-53 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-57 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-70 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-71 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-90 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-100 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-105 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-106 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-108 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-111 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-120 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-122 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-127 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-132


If this looks like too much fun - that's probably because it is.

Get in touch to get the booth at your event.