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Thrumpton Hall

Thrumpton Hall Open Day

This is home turf for the booth - and what turf... If you haven't been to Thrumpton Hall before then you really ought to check it out. The booth lives just down the lane, at Lee Garland's studio. Everyone is so lovely - from the Hall's owner Miranda Seymour, and all the events team; Lynn, Paula, JC, Josephine, Holly, Mark, Barry and co - plus, for the Open Days they hook up with Abbi & Lydia from Save the Date, which means double awesomeness. Thrumpton Hall Thrumpton Hall

Did we mention it's rather pretty? See here in Feb, and here last year.

There was much interest in the booth today, as always. We've had to turn down quite a few couples over the past few weeks, because the booth is already booked up. If you're interested - and you should be..! - then we really would encourage you to book as early as possible. Drop us a line and we can check your date. The only chance we got to take a photo of course, was on the rare occassion we weren't busy..!

photo 2

It will be worth watching this space too if we are booked on your date - because there are going to be plans afoot for a second booth - it hurts too much to turn people away so expansion is the only option. It was great to see so many of our neighbours down at the show too - you should definitely check out our neighbour John who does amazing things with wood - and who we'll most likely be roping in to help us with those expansion plans..

Spot our amazing new neighbours Dave & Emma below too; Dave didn't require a beard on a stick.

A small selection of the beautiful people sitting in the booth today. If you want to tag yourselves on Facebook, then you can here!

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Eleanor & Stephen, Thrumpton Hall

Eleanor & Stephen got married at Thrumpton Hall in Nottingham on Saturday 16th Feb, where they had the Vintagebooth. This was one hell of a good looking wedding (see their wedding photos here) - this couple have taste. Evidenced, if we do say so, not only by their choice of venue, but by a suitably vintage photo booth.. eleanorstephen

Eleanor wanted a Great Expectations vibe - Miss Haversham dress, the most amazing looking wedding breakfast and a deeply literary venue (Thrumpton Hall was previously owned by the Byron family - and is now the country home of the author Miranda Seymour). When it came to evening entertainment, she naturally wanted a suitably vintage photo booth. Incidentally, if you want flowers looking that good, and tablescapes (I know - ridiculous word..) of that grandeur - replete with busts & ivy, antlers & antiques, skulls and taxidermy then you need to get someone like Michele Gledhill in. She's amazeballs.

The booth looked fantastic in the library (Thrumpton's library is untold), and - as always- went down a storm with their guests. Everyone likes a photo booth. Everybody loves

Vintagebooth_Thrumpton Vintagebooth_Thrumpton Vintagebooth_Thrumpton Vintagebooth_Thrumpton 9I3B9452

The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice the booth has grown up. Literally. It's 18 inches taller now - so no need for the 'mind your head' sign any longer. It's also grown out, and is a foot longer - meaning you can get even more of your guests in it at once..

9I3B9461 9I3B9602 9I3B9802 9I3B9803

There were many more pics from the evening, see them on Facebook here (Like the booth whilst you're there!). Here's a tiny selection. Including a topical cow/horse reference.

To get the booth at your wedding, party or event, get in touch.

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Thanks to Eleanor & Stephen for booking the booth. They also had Lee Garland Wedding Photography do their wedding photos. That gets you a serious booth discount, and means your wedding photos are ace too...

Thanks for reading - get in touch and book the booth!