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Lianne & Daniel, Scalford Hall

Lianne & Daniel had their wedding at Scalford Hall near Melton Mowbray yesterday, in the most glorious Spring sunshine. They booked the photo booth, and so we travelled across with the windows down & the system up (we didn't have the system up..) from Nottingham and set it up ready for their evening guests. photo booth nottingham hire

Did it go down well? Did it ever...there were queues for it all night long, with guests coming for a well earned rest from dancing the night away to the Richie Muir band.

photo booth nottingham hire

Here is a tiny selection of the images from the night - but if you were in the photo booth last night, or you're just nosey, you might like to head over to Facebook and tag yourself (you could Like us whilst you're there...!):

Lianne & Daniel's photo booth pics on Facebook

Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-2 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-3 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-4 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-5 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-13 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-22 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-31 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-33 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-35 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-36 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-41 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-44 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-47 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-48 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-53 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-57 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-70 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-71 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-90 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-100 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-105 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-106 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-108 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-111 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-120 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-122 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-127 Lianne&Daniel_ScalfordHall-132


If this looks like too much fun - that's probably because it is.

Get in touch to get the booth at your event.