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Designer Vintage Bridal Show

As you will know if you battled through the snow yesterday - Designer Vintage Bridal 2013 was awesome. We had a great time and isn't Birmingham Town Hall stunning? Now that is what I call an organ - and the ceiling...! They seem to have been doing it up for basically ever - but seems it was definitely worth it. photo-1

Neighbours at shows are always important - and luckily we couldn't have been surrounded by a nicer bunch. You must check out Richard & Jen from The Wedding Tree - their stuff is lovely. They do these particularly lovely wedding guest book planks, which are engraved with your initials or - I believe, anything you like. A big slab of oak covered in your guests little messages, for you to pop on the wall after your wedding. They're going to be at the next Save the Date show in April in Nottingham (for which it seems there are currently early bird tickets on sale). Abbi & Lydia of Save the Date put on a great show, the venue is gorgeous and we'll also be there - so, you know; come along.

But back to this show first..!

To the left were Matt & Annabel from Vintage 78 DJs, who are vintage gramophone DJs. That needs saying again really; vintage-gramophone-DJs. That's not a man with iTunes and a laptop- we're talking 22,000 shellac discs, a new needle with each record .. As if that wasn't cool enough, it then transpired that Matt is the 'Matt' of Matt & Phred's! Untold. If you know anything of Manchester, or of jazz, then you'll know to bestow the gentleman with 'nuff respec'. (I certainly tumbled out on to Tib Street many a time from that place - most memorably in 2004(?) after sitting watching Cocorosie and vowing in the taxi back to Chorlton that I was going to learn to beatbox. That particular enthusiasm waned, would you believe). Matt & Annabel got married in the deep end at Victoria Baths recently, in what looks to have been the most amazing wedding. Basically, please book them, please get me to do the photos, please get married at Victoria Baths. Thanks.

Then - on our third side was the wonderful Leanne from Blooming Lovely Films who definitely lived up to the name! Really really lovely work, an irritatingly lovely stand and - she was the only person to have wisely brought a big armchair along... No flies on BLF.

And then of course, there was the photo booth - which everyone loved (I don't think that's an exaggeration?!).


Given the number of pictures it churned out, it was a resounding success! A tiny selection of the 100+ of which are below.

If you would like to book us (you would) for your wedding or event, then just get in touch, we'll check dates and get the Booking Form over to you!








Even the catwalk models got in on the act... fact, they really did..

IMG_0443 IMG_0438 IMG_0442

My favourite of the day however, had to be Matt & Annabel's adorable porcelain dog: