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Bex & Mark, South of France

The booth was born in France, for Bex & Mark's wedding in Belcaire in August 2012. It's difficult to find a photobooth in the Pyrenees, so since I was photographing the wedding, Bex convinced me it would be a brilliant idea to make a photobooth. And she was right. I'd always loved the idea of a photobooth, but all the ones I'd seen were all touch-screen and wobbly plastic walls. Or just a camera on a tripod. So, with the constraints of airline luggage allowance factored in, I set about taking what I knew, and making something pretty. Something vintage. And something that would add to the look of the day, rather than detract from it. Plus, I knew this was going to one good looking wedding...

I use a large format camera in my personal work, and used to teach students how to use a view camera (all bellows, and focussing cloaks, and darkslides..) at the Manchester College. Not only do large format cameras have the benefit of looking awfully pretty, those bellows also fold down...from this starting point, was born. It folded; it was fit to travel.

So...the venue. Suffice to say, it took some beating. The booth went into here[tbicon icon='icon-down-thin' size='12px' class='black '] which I'm told was an actual pig sty before a lot of elbow grease, poured concrete and hessian flooring transformed it into quite simply the most beautiful wedding breakfast barn...





This was all at Bex's parents' house in the South of France. It wasn't a bad spot for a wedding... Have a nose at all of the pictures here.

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With the booth tucked away in the corner - exposed and using the beautiful old brick wall of the barn, Bex & Mark's guests had a blast...



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